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Collectors Tips & Tricks

Two base set identical, starters and boosters. Quite hard to find these days, I recommend to try to buy a complete set. After that 2 expansions, only boosters, you need at least 4 boxes to try to complete each expansion. The game was closed some years ago but now it is open again. Two new standard sets were released, one with 5 fixed decks and the other one with 8 fixed decks. After that one little expansion so you need just one box to complete it. Then 13 more expansions has been released, you need two boxes to complete each of them with some trades. Some promos not so hard to find complete your collection.

Basic Sets:

Limited Edition

Standard Edition

Year of the Dragon Edition

10,000 Bullets




Throne War

Netherworld 2

Shaolin Showdown

Dark Future

Boom Chaka Laka

Red Wedding

7 Masters versus the Underworld

Two-Fisted Tales of the Secret World

Shurikens and Six Guns

Critical shift

Empire of Evil

Other Sets:

Can of Whupass

Combat in Kowloon

Back in seconds



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