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Credits & Copyrights

All the Collectible Card Games names, images and what so ever, mentioned herein, are protected by copyright by the companies who produce them. These pages are intended to promote CCGs and the collecting of CCGs.

With thanks to anyone who provided me with information and/or files that are contained within these pages. If I have unintentionally infringed the copyright of any person or organization then I apologize profusely. Please let me know if I have done so.

You are free to download, use and publish again all the information available into this site. In case you decide to publish them again a link to my site will be appreciate or a note just to let me know you have found my work useful.

If you need to modify a list just drop me a line and I'll send you a modifiable version (text only, MS-Word, etc.)

All the checklists, unless otherwise noted, are copyright by Carlo Brozzo. I assume the complete responsibility over the information provided into this site.

This site was made by myself mostly using all the free resources available on the net.