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Collectors Tips & Tricks

At the beginning this game used the FRPG Rolling Thunder System, small sets with about 50 cards, 1 starter and boosters, only commons and uncommons. Nine sets were released, I advice you to try to find complete ones but take care of the reprinted cards! After that there was a full basic set, starters and boosters, with more than 300 cards, regular rarity distribution. Then 5 expansions, starters and boosters, with an average of 50 R each and another basic set, starters and boosters, with more than 300 cards (really awful!). A box set completes the collection. Promo cards (16 plus 10 mon-backed outfits) are a pain to collect. It is definitely not an easy game to collect but if you love poker or western scenarios this is your game.

Basic Sets:

Episodes 1-9

Pine Box Edition

Boot Hill Edition


Mouth of Hell

A Reaping of Souls


Ashes to Ashes

Eye for an Eye

Do Unto Others

Reprinted Card List:

Episodes 1-9 Reprinted List

Other Sets:

Shootout at High Noon


Card Survey