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Last update April 2021

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I'm looking for complete collections of old CCGs to buy, just drop me a line.

This web site is dedicated to all the people who love collecting cards, basically cards from Collectible Card Games (CCGs). This is my definition of a CCG: it is a game that uses cards, as the primary mechanism to play, and it's collectible, this means that you can't find all the different cards in a single package but you have to "collect" the cards from different packages, starters, boosters or what so ever, to complete a set. I'm definitely a collector not a player because I don't have enough time to do both things well. I prefer to spend my time trading cards with other people around the world trying to complete my sets.

So what are you going to find here?

First of all a list of all the CCGs ever released. I've decided to collect at least nine cards for every CCG. To be more precise at least a card for every different "back" as some games use different images or different colors on the back of the cards. Then you'll find checklists and "collect tips and tricks", for every CCG I actually collect. I've decided to publish only the checklists of the CCGs I collect because I want to see every single card before put it into a list.

I also like traditional "trading cards sets" but I collect only some kind of them and only the common cards without chase, foil or promo ones.

Trading cards over the net is my primary goal as I live in Italy and here there are very few people interested in CCGs. I assure it's impossible for an Italian person to collect CCGs without using the net!

If you want to trade on the net you have to build your "reputation" as a good trader so you need references from other traders.

A site without links is not a site and despite the copyright note all the items you'll find here are absolutely free, you could download, use and publish them again. A link to my site will be appreciate but more than that if you have any suggestion, correction, doubt, compliment, compliant or you would like to trade something with me just drop me a line, this will be really appreciate.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the site!